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Adwords Clicker Bot 2.5 and 3.0

Adwords Clicker Bot software automatically click on display ads on Google.  It is operated automatically based on the mechanism of creating virtual users as same as real users and use SSH and USB 3G to change IP address.

 The software is written by:

Aaron Shechtman, Professor of Israel Institute of Technology

Co-author: Sioe Liong, Student of Hong Kong Institute of Technology


  • USB 3G works better than SSH
  • The number of selling copies is just 500 and no more released
  • Support for Google all over the world



 Software Image


 Purchasing and Payment Guidance

Only 175 USD/ 1 Year/ 1 PC

 Installing Guidance

Please install .net framework 4.5++ software & vcredist2013 software before running the programme. Be aware to copy the product ID to login (as in the picture) and send it to us by email at admin@chothu.com to receive the product key to activate the programme.

Frequently Asked Question

Why should 3G is preferred than SSH and paid SSH is preferred than free SSH?

USB 3G owns a broader IP band; paid SSH owns an IP address which Google could not detect, thus the statistical data is valid.

Why could I not find out the data about ad display of my rivals?

It might be due to your rivals’ geographic locations. For example, the locations your rivals select are totally different to your selection.

How long does it take to make rivals’ ads disappear?

It depends on your rivals’ budget. Usually it takes from 2 to 5 days if your rivals are on tight budget while required budget is high and your rivals’ reach is so low.

Why do my rivals still survive?

You should increase the number of computers and software running at the same time.

Refer to other software


  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from Google in 193 different countries
  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from Website
  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from forums (need to log in the forums first)


  • Increase your youtube views
  • Multi-threaded multi-stream video at the same time


  • Update and Update regularly

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