Developed from Saigon Digital Co., Ltd. founded 10 years ago, Viking Software Co., Ltd. is growing firmly and becoming better known in the world. Viking Software has launched some marketing tools to support businesses such as: Viking Facebook Tool, Viking Email Spider Tool, Viking Instagram Tool, Amazon Tool etc, and other applications.

In order to meet the increasing demand from different countries, we are calling for Sales Agents.

* Tasks of Agents:

– Search for data of customers demanding on Viking softwares

– Sell Viking softwares

– Collaborate with Viking Software company in sales activities

– Provide online or direct customer support

– Minimum sales: 2nd month: 5 keys, 3rd month: 10 key, 4th month: 15 key

* Recruitment criteria:

– Solid background on IT

– Deposit: US$ 100  

* Commission policy::

Commission ratio Monthly number of keys sold
– 30% 15
– 35% 25
– 45% 35
– 55% 45
– 75% 100 (Monopoly)

Training policy

– Agents are trained to use and provided with free use of all Viking Softwares as well as free access to their instruction data (websites, videos, documents, etc) while working as Viking agents

– Training period: 1st month since becoming Viking agent.

* Exclusive Agent Policy

– Agents with monthly sales of minimum 100 keys for 3 months in a row can become exclusive agent for a city, province or a state.

– Commission for exclusive agents is the highest of all ratios for agent.

– The exclusive policy will be terminated after 3 continuous months selling than 100 keys/month.

* Agent Agreement termination

– The Agent Agreement will be terminated if Viking Software or/and the Agent wants to, or if the Agent fails to reach the minimum sales target for 3 months in a row . Keys for Agent’s free use of all Viking softwares will be locked. The deposit US$ 100 shall be refunded to the Agent, unless (i) the Agent receives serious comments from customers for his/her disqualified support, (ii) the Agent does things that are harmful to Viking Software’s reputation or financial loss.

Viking software is looking forward to working with you!
Best regards!!!





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