Email Scanning Software

Email Scanning Software


  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from Google in 193 different countries
  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from Website
  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from forums (need to log in the forums first)
  • Search and get emails address and phone numbers from Facebook
  • Filter valid and/or not exist/disabled emails address
  • Automatically save with high speed searching and light specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Frequently update
  • Automatically change devices configuration (virtual devices)

Produced by:

Viking Software Co., Ltd
Aaron Shechtman
Sderot Yad LaBanim 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Software image

Software image

 Installing Guidance

Please install .net framework 4.5++ software & vcredist2013 software before running the programme. Be aware to copy the product ID to login (as in the picture) and send it to us by email at to receive the product key to activate the programme.

DOWNLOAD Guide to running email scanning software

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Free 3 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my computer run slow when the programme is launched?

Answer: This is due to too many threads ruuning in the background. The more and more threads, the slower the computer run and vice versa. Select “Options” then “Settings”, choosing  to pick the ideal number of running thread.

Why can’t emails address be scanned from facebook pages and groups?

Answer: Cookie plugin needs to be installed and logging in into target websites or facebook page is required to get Cookis, which are necessary to start scanning emails address and phone numbers. Click here for detailed instructions.

Does the software automatically filter valid/not exist or disabled emails address?

Answer: Definitely. Please see the guidelines for more details.


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  • Update and Update regularly

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