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Facebook extract tool is a must have tool for any professional Marketer to Extract REAL Email Addresses from Facebook. In 2019, Facebook is constantly updating its advertising policies for businesses. Therefore, accessing and converting online customer data is getting more and more difficult. A series of Facebook customer data extracting tools was launched to support marketers.

Facebook extract tool (Viking Facebook Tool) is a solution that can help you collect phone numbers, email addresses, UIDs and names of potential customers on Facebook in order to conduct marketing activities such as Telesale, Email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, Telegram marketing.

Some features of Viking Facebook extracting tool:

– Scanning millions of UIDs per day with full information including Name, UID, email and phone number

– Scanning 100,000 emails of the target audience on Facebook per day

– Scanning 100,000 phone numbers of target audience on Facebook per day

– Scanning multiple posts on any profile, group or fanpage at once

– Converting any lists of ID or profile into Emails and phone numbers under (.txt file)

– Scanning emails and phone numbers shown on any posts if customers leave them in the comment section.

– Extracting Facebook names, emails, phone numbers from comments and likes of any posts.

Some highlights of Viking Facebook extracting tool:

– High-quality customer data, 100% real users

– The most competitive price in the market

– Continuously update according to Facebook changes

A great deal of Benefits of Viking Facebook extracting tool:

– Effectively run ads with target customer files

– The rate of real users is 100%

– Save all customer information without losing data

– Optimize the Facebook advertising costs

– Use data for multi-channel marketing

There are many tools of extracting user data in the market. Whether those software gives us the data of real users or not? And have you ever tested this before buying the software? As a marketer having long-time working in Marketing, I used to use a lot of tools to support converting UIDs to Email and phone numbers. I found that the most effective tool is the Viking Facebook Tool. You can try it before buying without worrying about its effectiveness.


In addition, Viking Facebook tool also has other functions:


  • Searching Fanpage by Keyword
  • Searching the UID by scanning the latest posts on any Fanpage
  • Import files from .txt files or directly import URL of any post or fanpage
  • Automatically comment on posts by login in facebook token
  • Having delay time of sending to avoid locking Facebook accounts.
  • Automatically reverse the content of the comments


  • Automatically send messages to customers who have inbox on Fanpage
  • Allow user to export the list of customer UID
  • Quickly send bulk messages in the shortest time
  • Help user to re-marketing to customers
  • Delay time mode between each message
  • Save time for campaigns: send incentives, send greetings to customers.


  • Auto-add more friends from the available UID list
  • Auto-add friends from Facebook’s suggestions list
  • Auto-unfriends with less interactive Facebook accounts
  • Automatically accept friend requests
  • Invite friends to watch live-stream


  • Join any groups through the UID list or searching for keywords
  • Block any admins in the groups you joined
  • Accept requests of new members asking to join the groups
  • Invite friends to join any groups.

Facebook is willing to be one of the most widely used social networking platforms, in the United States, there are approximately 75% of early Internet users spend at least 20 minutes using it per day. Facebook still shows that it is an effective connecting channel between businesses and users, making it easier for brands to interact with target customers. Here, you can also find a variety of your potential customers. Therefore, finding a tool to extract customer data on Facebook is essential for marketing experts at present.


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