8 Facebook marketing tools for Marketer in 2019

Able to boast of more than 2.5 billion active monthly users, an international reach, free page creation, and an advertising platform that offers options for any budget, it’s no wonder Facebook has become a leader in online promotion. That is why Facebook marketing tools is the best choice for every marketer to achieve high efficiency in every campaign, save time and human resource. Therefore, choosing the best tool for marketing strategies is always a big problem for marketers. Using Facebook marketing tool is like using a knife to peel fruits, if using in wrong way, the knife would hurt you.

A successful Facebook marketing strategy will start from these following steps: research, analysis, evaluate and decision. In here, we suggest you some marketing tools that can support you to do all steps above from researching to analyzing, getting data of Facebook users.

1. Facebook Insights

One of list of top Facebook marketing tools is Facebook Insights.
Facebook Insights is a free web/page analysis tool of Facebook, which allow you to track the business performance level of your business website, such as the information of page views, unique views, fan statistics, wall posts, video and audio plays, photo views, and so on.
For a long time, Facebook Insights has been known as the worth data source for the marketers to give out the decisions of marketing strategies. However, when exporting data, the important information only shown under long spreadsheet.
Therefore, Facebook has updated its Insight page and change into clear data sets under lively chart that users can freely adjust with a few manipulations. The new functions include as below:
– Benchmarking
– Easy start and end date slider
– When your fans are online feature
– Best post types feature
– Comparisons vs general Facebook audience
– Advanced filtering – online filtering function
– Addition of Post Clicks stat

From Admin panel, Insight section put next to Get More Likes section as following image. Clicking the See All section to access to Overview section.


2. Hootsuite Analytics

Using Hootsuite Analytics tool, you will get all the real time results including the trends and group data. This is easier for you to measure your campaigns effect on Facebook and review the best content having good resonance to your audience. Learning how to track the compatible data with your brand by our guideline of social analysis.

Hootsuite has a further step in managing and allowing user to up their posts on many social networks, such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare in the same interface. Although working on many social networks with a management team is possibly hard for you, using Hootsuite will help you easily reply your fan or followers, remove any the problem concerned to arranging the replies. Hootsuite is considered as the top mass media management tool at present but it’s still lack of one basic function: the approval mode as showing on Twitter feed to limit the error link.

Primary functions:

– Tracking the campaigns, trends, growths of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
– Learning about the customer object and the way they interact to your content.
– Tracking the instant response of your group to the customer’s query on Twitter, Facebook and keep your brand always on good standing. Filtering the result of invidual, group, social account, message type.

3. Facebook Live

The audiences often watch the live videos three times higher than the commonly posted videos. That makes the videos become extremely attractive to your audience and followers. Currently, exploiting the Facebook market with Live-stream is an effective and low-cost marketing way.

Live-stream function allow you to connect to the followers, they can get notifications whenever you have a live-stream. So, they can find and watch easier.

4. Animoto – Facebook marketing tools for creating video

Facebook is becoming a necessary business marketing tool due to its helping in searching new potential customers for the companies. More than processing product and service marketing, it’s also a channel for the enterprises to build their brand image and brand position.

Facebook algorithm tends to give the priority for video content. Actually, the video posts usually have 135% higher interaction than image posts. In order to attract your potetial customer, you should use video posts as the best choice.

Videos are expected to include over 80% website content in 2019, so video creating tools are really useful at present. Animoto is one of the good choices for you in list of Facebook marketing tools. Animoto includes many common and friendly templates that would allow you to add your own videos or images and make a professional video with music, text inside, more and more. Besides, you can adjust the size of video to fit with mobile display.

5. Facebook Sound – Facebook marketing tools for creating video

There is an dispensable part when making a marketing video on Facebook is the sound. You maybe not satisfied if your video is banned by Facebook due to the announce: Audio piracy. Hence, Facebook Sound is the tool of Facebook to help user to avoid this fault.

Facebook Sound provides many soundtracks in free for you to apply on your video when you establish on Facebook platform.

6. Canva – Facebook marketing tools for design photo

Image and video are always hot posts on Facebook. In fact, the post including images is more attractive twice than the one without image. So, photo design is also important in Facebook marketing plan.

Canva is an iOS application allowing you to adjust and directly upload your photos on Facebook. Amending photos, adding texts, marks and more, it also allows you to use many free templates from the library or create your own theme at the beginning.

– Your posts would be more professional by adding banners, logos, blog titles, etc.
– More professional you are if you upload banner, image on Instagram, cover photo on Facebook, posts on Twitter and video avatar on Youtube channel.
– Canva is ready on iPhone, iPad and PC for you to work on, create your own design everywhere and everytime.

7. Facebook Page Manager App – Facebook publishing tools

Facebook Page Manager App on Facebook helps you to easily manage your Facebook page and many marketing campaigns even when you are not working on PC. There are many functions supporting you to manage fanpage, post entry, reply your clients on your mobile. You also can manage many fanpages at the sametime, in anywhere even when you are moving. It’s totally free and you can download on App Store or Google Play.

8. Viking Facebook Tool – facebook marketing tools for extract customer information

Many marketers are headache with their problem in searching the email or phone number extract tools. However, between a mass of marketing tool in the market place, Viking Facebook Tool is considered as the best email and phone number extract tool from Facebook. (Click download)

In addition, Viking tool also provides many other functions helping the marketers to shorten their working time: automatically join group, send message, thanks from fanpage to the clients, create interaction to any posts of page.

Summary of functions of Viking facebook marketing tools:
– Extract real email & Phone Numbers from Friend List, Group, Page Liker, Video post.
– Automatically add Friends.
– Automatically add members to Group.
– Automatically comment post
– Send messages on Page.

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