A brand new version of Viking with the most outstanding features of ever. Viking Instagram marketing support tool is currently the best for Instagram users.


  • Update March 20, 2018 
  • Download (7 day trial)

User manual:

  • Get follow list of users:    Video
  • Get following list of users:    Video
  • Send follow Instagram:   Video
  • Delete follow Instagram:     Video
  • Search for users as per names and user names:    Video
  • Search for users as per hashtags:    Video
  • Search for users who comment posts & like posts    Video
  • Search for the user who’s already inbox for you    Video
  • Search for places as per key words – Search for users as per place    Video
  • Auto Like avatar – Auto Like the newest post    Video
  • Auto Send Bulk Messages    Video


The tool is free for use in one month. You will get cheaper price when purchasing a combo with Facebook marketing support tool.


(Run on Windows installed computers)

More than 46 thousand

Instagram users in Vietnam

More than 200mil

Instagram users visit a trading website everyday

One-third of

More than 2 mil advertisers in the world share their stories and promote sales on Instagram



60% of

Instagram users exlored new products on this social media

87% of

Instagram users are female


Instagram users are online continuously: According to statistics by mid-2017, there are 500 mil Instagram users, 300 mil of which are online usually and continuously (active, like photos, post photos etc.) In Vietnam, there are 10 mil of frequent users, accounting for 22% of total Instagram users.



However, do you meet any of these obstables while selling on Instagram?

Insignificant number of followers

Majority of followers are in Vietnam territory

Unable to identify potential customer segment

Instagram users visit at least one trading website per day

No tools to increase sales to many times

The most viewed information are those from enterprises

Huge spending for advertising but low effect


Function FOLLOW

Get follow list of users

Get following list of users

Delete follow

Send follow

Function SEARCH

Get proposed list

Search for users as per names and user names

Search for users who like posts

Search for users who comment posts

Search for users as per hashtags

Search for users as per place

Search for hashtags as per key words

Search for places as per key words



Function SPECIAL

Like avatar

Like latest posts

Send serial messages




1 Year

99 USD

Usable on 1 device
Customer support
Full function
Free upgrade






1 year

135 USD

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