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  Width: 5m
  Height: 17m

The 3-storey flat roof house design is gradually becoming the top choice of many families with a reasonable income in urban areas. With a streamlined yet sophisticated architecture, 3-storey house designs are always the top choice of many investors. In addition to high aesthetics, the functionality of the 3-storey flat roof house model also helps homeowners experience a more modern and comfortable life.

A 3-storey flat roof house is a very popular and popular type of house because of its relative height, suitable for many types and design styles, and diverse in area sizes from small to large.

Advantages of a 3-storey house with a flat roof

Below are some outstanding advantages of the 3-storey flat roof house model that you may not know

Optimize area

The 3-storey flat roof house model is very suitable for townhouse spaces and houses with narrow horizontal areas. The 3-storey flat-roof house space is expanded according to height, ensuring the basic room functions for families of 1-3 generations to live in.

Solid structure, good bearing capacity

Typical 3-storey flat roof house designs all use the popular material of reinforced concrete, so they have good bearing capacity and a suitable number of floors to not put too much pressure on the foundation. Can be built in many types of terrain and geology. 3-storey house models are often used for a long time and are highly durable.

Save construction time

Construction of a 3-storey flat roof house model will be faster, saving construction time compared to a tile roof system. A simple flat roof system along with modern technological machinery helps the house to be completed quickly.

Save construction costs

A 3-storey flat roof house is one of the house models with reasonable construction costs because the number of floors is not too large. The roof system is also designed quite simply, reducing construction costs significantly.

Make the most of natural light

Current 3-storey flat roof house designs often make use of a lot of glass materials to replace tight walls. Therefore, this house model ensures that it can make the most of natural light, providing the most spacious and airy living space for families.

3-storey flat roof house models are often extended to outside spaces such as balconies, so they can also take advantage of light and wind to ensure the house becomes more airy.



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V613 – Modern 3-storey townhouse is of interest to many people 5x17m

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Digital file type(s): .dwg, .skp, .pdf

Size 5x17m
Total Area 293m2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Building materials Concrete, iron
Types of Houses House
Exterior 3D design Yes
Interior design Yes
Designing electrical – water system Yes
Structural design Yes
Digital file type(s) .dwg, .skp,.pdf
Design unit Viking Design


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