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  Width: 12.1m
  Height: 6.9m

The 4-level house model with Japanese roof is the perfect choice for those who love a unique style in harmony and closeness to nature. This house model often aims for minimalism but sophistication, bringing a sense of peace to the homeowner thanks to the combination with the design of a green garden space. The following house model that Viking would like to introduce to you is the clearest proof.

Advantages of level 4 house with Japanese roof

Level 4 houses with Japanese roofs are loved by many people thanks to advantages such as:

Fast construction time: the design of a level 4 house with a Japanese roof has a quick and short construction time.

Moderate construction costs: The cost of building a level 4 house is much lower than other house types. Depending on the house model and style, the cost will vary. However, in general the costs are quite low.

Simple architecture: This is considered the highlight of a level 4 house because the architecture of the house style is not too picky or complicated.

Diverse design: Has a simple, popular design style. Families can choose between many architectural styles such as European, classic, modern, neoclassical, etc.

Construction materials: Level 4 houses with Japanese roofs have common construction materials, not too picky but still ensure strength, durability and safety.

Explore the perspective of a beautiful 4-level Japanese-roof house model

The exterior of the beautiful Japanese-roofed level 4 house is completed from the main gate design to the overall architectural perspective of the building. The house is located in a fairly large garden area, the homeowner can use it as a place to park cars, motorbikes or a playground for members on weekends.

Overall view from above, the house has a massive, tall Japanese roof. The roof system is covered with layers of corrugated tiles arranged against each other, bringing aesthetic beauty. In particular, the Japanese roof structure has a gentle, sloping slope, which is convenient for water drainage when it rains, avoiding leaks and stagnation that affect the house’s exterior.

The design of a level 4 house is surrounded by a system of gates and solid fences but is extremely airy, not too stuffy or stuffy. In particular, the fence uses 3 main colors, white, gray and black, in harmony with the housing area, from the architectural color to the overall construction, creating an impressive beauty right from the outside.

With the main white tone creating a luxurious yet elegant look combined with light brown tones to create a highlight. The dark blue Japanese roof system is in harmony with the mysterious black door system. All colors blend together to create an impressive exterior space effect.

Next is the glass main door system with sturdy beauty. The design possesses traditional features that create intimacy and is processed with high techniques to provide soundproofing, anti-noise and anti-warping properties over time of use. Besides, the entire window system and side doors of the beautiful 4-level Japanese-roofed house are finished with a modern material that is xingfa aluminum and glass, bringing advantages in letting in light, leading to a comfortable living space. , cool.



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V623 – A four-roof house is beautiful, simple, and low cost 12.1×6.9m

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Digital file type(s): .dwg, .skp, .pdf

Size 12.1×6.9m
Total Area 162m2
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Building materials Concrete, iron
Types of Houses House
Exterior 3D design Yes
Interior design No
Designing electrical – water system Yes
Structural design Yes
Digital file type(s) .dwg, .skp,.pdf
Design unit Viking Design


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