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  Width: 11.7m
  Height: 14.8m

Nowadays, 2-storey Thai roof house models are being chosen by many homeowners to build. Because of the diversity in architectural design as well as the outstanding advantages that this housing model brings. Next, readers are invited to join Viking in taking a look at the modern 2-storey Thai roof house models mentioned in today’s article.

Advantages of the 2-storey Thai roof house model?

It is not natural that the 2-storey Thai house model is chosen by so many investors. This model fully meets the criteria that people require for a fully equipped living space:

High aesthetics

Another reason that we cannot deny is the aesthetics that these house models bring. Although the architectural design is super simple, the unique Thai roof system creates a highlight for the entire project. The luxurious beauty that this design brings makes viewers unable to take their eyes off.

Diverse styles

The architecture of a 2-storey Thai roof house can suit many different styles, allowing homeowners to choose the designs they love most. The 2-storey Thai roof house model is suitable from classic to modern styles, from simple to stylish, always bringing a unique highlight to your home space.

Cost of building a 2-storey Thai-roof house

The applicability of these housing models is extremely high, not only that, the cost of building a house is quite economical compared to traditional bunk house or villa models. Therefore, it is suitable for many customer segments and spread evenly across all regions, from rural to urban areas.

Construction is quick

Construction time of projects is relatively quick compared to other models. Because the architectural design is simple and not too complicated, investors will optimize construction time and costs.



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V636 – Super luxurious 2-storey house with Thai roof 11.7×14.8m

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Digital file type(s): .dwg, .skp, .pdf


Size 11.7×14.8m
Total Area 369m2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 4
Building materials Concrete, iron
Types of Houses House
Exterior 3D design Yes
Interior design No
Designing electrical – water system No
Structural design Yes
Digital file type(s) .dwg, .skp,.pdf
Design unit Viking Design


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