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  Width: 6m
  Height: 12.5m

Besides Thai roofs, Japanese roofs, tiled roofs, tilted roofs… modern 2-storey flat roof house models still attract a lot of attention from homeowners. In parallel with the pace of modern life, flat-roof house models are increasingly being improved and diversified in style to meet functionality and enhance aesthetic value.

It is no coincidence that the 2-storey flat-roof house model is so popular. Objectively evaluated, this architecture really brings impressive advantages.

– Solid structure: In harsh climate conditions with lots of rain and storms like in Vietnam, it is necessary to build truly solid houses. The flat roof house model completely meets the requirements. Using reinforced concrete as the glass material combined with a square shape, compared to other roof types, the flat roof model is much sturdier.

The roof is designed flat, creating quick drainage ditches to help the house stay solid, avoiding flooding or cracking and collapsing. In addition, the foundation is poured with durable concrete, minimizing the risk of the roof overturning. Therefore, if you are considering and do not know which house model to choose, consider the 2-storey flat roof house design.

– High aesthetics: With square, elegant lines combined with bright, gentle colors, the flat roof house has a healthy, elegant, elegant and extremely modern beauty. This roof model can also be combined with many different design styles such as: simple, modern, neoclassical…

– Cost savings: The idea of ​​designing a 2-storey house with a flat roof has been present for quite a long time in Vietnam. This architectural style creates balance, harmony, and ease of application in practice. Therefore, construction is not too difficult and requires a moderate level of skill. Time and investment costs are also optimized.

– Easy to stack floors: Beautiful 2-story flat roof house models are easy to restructure and design new floors much easier than Thai or Japanese roofs. Because, a flat roof is almost the same as a floor, just a little different in the drainage system.

In case the family has a few members, only 3-4 people, you should prioritize designing a modern 2-storey house with a flat roof. Later, when the family size expands, it will still be convenient for construction and repair.

– Make the most of the usable space: If you live in a Thai or Japanese roof, it will be very difficult for you to use this position. But with a flat surface, the flat roof can be used as a drying yard, to plant trees, flowers or to store water.



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V700 – Luxurious 2-storey house with flat roof 6×12.5m

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Size 6×12.5m
Total Area 152m2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Building materials Concrete, iron
Types of Houses House
Exterior 3D design Yes
Interior design No
Designing electrical – water system Yes
Structural design Yes
Digital file type(s) .dwg, .skp,.pdf
Design unit Viking Design


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