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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Am I allowed to sell the software?

No, you may use the software on your own but you’re not allowed to sell it, if you want to become a reseller, send us an email at thomas.aasoftware@gmail.com

What are the requirements to run this software?

AA WhatsApp Software is a computer based Solution for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 with .NET Framework 4 installed. You require minimum 2mbps connection to send messages normally. And need to install the WhatsApp mobile application.

How many messages can I send per hour/day/week?

Our recommended settings are 9 messages per day per sender.

So, you can send 9,000 messages per day from 1000 different WhatsApp Channels also known as WhatsApp registered numbers/senders.

Will my sender number be blocked?

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked, when will your sender be blocked is undetermined, but your sender may be blocked.

In order to keep senders long lasting you should limit the no. of messages sent per day by 9. And also make sure the sending speed is slow.

We cannot guarantee your senders getting blocked but only tell you best settings to use this software.

How many messages can send in 1 hour?

Our client send 9 message from each channel. they keeps 1000 channel in one software and sending text message 8-9k in 10 hrs.

How many numbers can I filter in an hour?

Our software filters 1000 number in 1 sec if internet speed is very good like 10 mbps other wise 2-3 seconds.

You do the installation?

Yes!, We will install the software in your system. And more over our software is plug and play, copy & paste anywhere in your computer. We have instructions for you to install

How many numbers can I filter in an hour?

Our software filters 1000 number in 1 sec if internet speed is very good like 10 mbps other wise 2-3 seconds.

How many setup can I install?

We have mention the price table in the email. You can check the pricing for multiple licenses. From 1 system you can send text message at the most 9k if system remain on for at least 10 hrs.

How to activate your software

Please send us a software ID. We will send you the activation code

Will the software be running on my windows PC?

Yes, you will be provided with the files to do so, you can run it on one computer per license.

How many senders can I add in the software?

You can add unlimited senders.

What will I receive when I buy AA WhatsApp Software?

You will receive a zipped file containing our software that you can install on your computer with Windows 7/8/8.1
 You will need to verify the license in order to start all functionalities.

I use a web based marketing product? What is the difference?

Most web based providers give you pricing based on the numbers you send, without filtering data. Research done with our customers show that only between 45-60% of these messages are delivered, so the cost per message is high.

Is your software a one-time purchase or a subscription?

The software license is a one-time purchase. You need to add-on the WhatsApp Check service for filtering numbers before you send.

WhatsApp Filter Service? What is that?

If you have a list of numbers you want to target, WhatsApp Check Service filters numbers that have WhatsApp Installed.

How does the response management system work?

When you send an ad using WhatsApp Bulk Software, you may receive responses from users that you can reply to, in order to direct them to the right product or service.

Do you provide WhatsApp marketing?

No, we provide you the software, as a 3rd Party. WhatsApp’s policies do not permit the use of sending messages through their platform, which is a liability you carry as a brand marketer.

Can you provide a demo?

Yes we can, you will need to request this when testing our WhatsApp Check Service or Request a demo using the link below.

How many clients use this product?

Over a 1000 clients use this product from the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and more..


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