It’s very easy to install and use our Viking Whatsapp tool.

How to install WhatsApp Marketing Tool

  1. Open Whatsapp tool setup file:

  1. Wait for 30 seconds till the installation completes and click ‘Finish’

* How to synchronize customer’s WhatsApp account file on Google

Have you got the file containing phone numbers which are Whatsapp accounts and Whatsapp tool? Launch Whatsapp marketing campaign!

Before using WhatsApp Tool, you need to synchronize customer’s WhatsApp account file on Google. Phone book should be ensured to set in auto-synchronization with your Google account.

When you have a customer data file, please change it into CSV file with columns as followings:

Next, sign in Google account (synchronized with phone book) in the following order:

  1. Choose Contacts.

  1. Choose ‘More’, click ‘Import’/CSV or vCard file/GO TO OLD VERSION

  1. In the left column, choose ‘Import Contact’/’File’/’Finish’

How to use WhatsApp Marketing Tool

After synchronizing the contacts, we can start using Whatsapp Tool following these steps:

Step 1: On computer screen, click on the icon Viking Whatsapp Tools to open the software.

Step 2: Login the software

Note: You need to install Chrome browser and Whatsapp on your phone to approve WhatsApp login on Chrome.

After clicking on Login, the tool will automatically transfer to Chrome. Please follow these steps of Whatsapp web:

Step 3: Choose ‘Import Contract File’/File Data WhatsApp

Note: WhatsApp data file has CSV format

Step 4: Click ‘Filter WhatsApp Contract’ to filter activating WhatsApp accounts

Step 5: Click ‘Export’ to export activating WhatsApp accounts.

For example, the file name is “Export Contact 1”.

Step 6: Click ‘Import Contract File’ to reimport “Export Contact 1” which has been exported in Step 5.

Step 7: Use AA WhatsApp Tool to send bulk messages.

Feature 1 – Send Simple Text: Send message under normal text

– Delay between message: Choose delay time between times of sending (Unit: second)

– Input content into the frame to send

– Tick on Mix content if you want to convert the content

– Click ‘Send simple text’

This is the result of sending texts:

Feature 2 – Send Documents: Send series of files to other WhatsApp accounts.

– Delay between message: Choose delay time between times of sending (Unit: second)

– Click Send Documents

– Choose File Documents you want to send

– Tool will send documents automatically. Then, Please DO NOT click on Send Documents again.

Feature 3 – Send Media: Send File Media to series of other WhatsApp accounts

– Delay between message: Choose delay time between times of sending (Unit: second)

– In the frame Media Title, write greetings or any text

– Click   to choose files you want to send

– Click ‘Add media’ if you want to add more media files

– Choose File Media you want to send

– Click on Send media

*** Note: When the Tool automatically sends bulk messages, please DO NOT do any other operations on your computer which affect the automatic sending of the message.