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Welcome to the marketing WhatsApp software – Viking Whatsapp Tools !!!

Today many business owners have started migrating from SMS & Text Marketing on their prospects mobile with using tools like WhatsApp Marketing Panel, WeChat, Viber, Hike, Facebook Messenger and other such similar messaging applications in order to communicate with their clients, prospects, and leads.

There are so many companies who have realized the importance of using WhatsApp as a marketing channel to help them reach out to 1000s and millions of prospects, customers, and clients. Helping them grow more profits, increase engagement.

1. SEND BULK OF PICTURE MESSAGES: Send bulk of picture messages to your customers. Also you can send video, audio….This tool supports sending multimedia messages.

2. SEND BULK OF SIMPLE TEXT MESSAGES: Send bulk of simple text messages for only 5 minutes. This is the solution for you if you want to send greetings, send promotional messages, send discount codes … to your customers.

3. SEND BULK OF DOCUMENT MESSAGES: This tool supports sending multimedia messages. You can send bulk of excel file , word file , vCard… and send greetings to customers.

* Viking Whatsapp Tools Features:

    • Send Individual Messages
    • Add Unlimited Contacts
    • Filter WhatsApp Numbers – Free
    • Export Filtered Numbers
    • Send 1000 – 20000 messages hourly
    • Send messages in text, image, audio & video
    • Send message only WhatsApp filtered numbers
    • Send message Globally
    • Installation is fast
    • Automatically send messages
    • Report successful results. Can see the results right on the software

Try it yourself! Here’s the link to the Demo Version

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