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Hey guys, thanks for the opportunity to let me share my success story with WhatsApp Marketer. Being in the line of business I’m in, WhatsApp is a marketing tool I just could not afford to stay behind in. Hours were spent and sweat was dripped before I laid my eyes on WhatsApp Marketer. I manage to update my clients with my latest offers, news and products with just a few clicks. It not only gives me enough time to focus on more important things but has also helped me scale my business multiple fold. 

Thanks a ton again guys! I don’t think I can afford to lose this one ever!

Jennifer Doe / Speaker
Who uses WhatsApp marketing to promote her brand as a speaker, consultant & life coach.

We have been using Viking WhatsApp Tools to send out messages to our clients & prospects with special offers, survey questions, customer feedback, etc.

It has changed the way we interact with out customers who are much more responsive then normal text messaging.

This software alone has brought us 200k$ profits in the last 5 months.

I highly recommend it for anyone who got anything to do with marketing.

Nathan Taylor / Marketing Agency Owner
They use it for clients who wish to leverage WhatsApp marketing to grow their business.

I run a small beauty salon in New York area. We always had the list of clients who came to us better never knew how to use this database to market our services & remind our clients to come back often.

Viking WhatsApp Tools allowed us to send interactive special offers, appointment reminders, and festival greetings which our clients always love to receive from us.

We have seen 70% of our clients come back to us just because we care for them and offer them great deals.

It has changed the way we do business!

Michelle Wilson / Salon Owner, New York, USA
Helped retain 70% of their clients to come back to them!

I am a nightclub promoter at one of the leading nightclubs in Atlanta, Georgia.

Viking WhatsApp Tools has allowed me to bring 10x more crowd in my events & promotions that I am now able to create because I can reach out to so many people at the same time.

I have done exclusive deals for two years contract because now they know that I am popular among the city and able to complete sell out on events & tickets for artist events happening in the city.

I can’t imagine how my life would had been. ONLY if you guys were not there!

My highest recommendation to anyone who wish to promote through WhatsApp. (Which is much needed now then before!)

Bonnie Fahy / Nightclub Promoter
Helps her bring 10x more people now using this software!

Hey guys,

I was very much curious & also at the same time had so many questions when I first reached you guys out.

But, thanks to your team who answered all my questions. Help schedule a demo & give me a working proof that I can promote my real estate business here in Malaysia.

After 3 months of continue and vigorous use of your WhatsApp marketing software. I have been able to build more relationships then ever, able to close more real estate deals then all my competitors around my area. And that’s because I am the most aggressive marketer in my area then anyone else.

We have closed couple of million dollar deals in Malaysia and I can’t thank you guys enough for making this software.

I had experimented with so many other WhatsApp marketing softwares, web-based tools, and services offered by companies. And everyone of them either did short term work. Or stopped working in the future.

Now, I feel much in control. And I know that my messages will be delivered on time, and I will receive the reports.

I can even reply each of my prospects personally from the software which has made by life so easy!

My target is to reach out all the prospects in Malaysia and overseas using this software because the world is no limit now!

I wish you guys luck and hope you bring out even better products in future which you are always dedicated to!

Justin Chew / Real Estate Investor & Broker, Malaysia
He closed couple of million dollar deals in Malaysia and wants to now scale globally!